Girl meets boy. Boy cheats on girl, girls get together and teach the boy a lesson… and all in retro!

That’s what we got when we came up for the script for the music video for No Room For Promises. (If you haven’t seen the video yet, you can watch it here)

Featuring: Me with my little sister Cathy Prastides and her friend Dale Barnard.

It all started with some fancy faux flowers:

NRFP thumbnail3

For me???!


And a quaint high-tea first date:

High tea

I like your braces. They match my cardigan.

We shot this scene at my sister’s house in her front garden. The props were provided with thanks to ‘Supplier-a-la-Mumsy’. We also made Dale wear Cathy’s hat.

No Room For Promises

More tea Dear?


My sister Cathy played the ‘other woman’ in the video. Cathy is a  instructor in Krav Maga and helped us (cough: forced us to include in the script: cough) organise the fight scene.

No Room For Promises

Wanna try me Dale???


Cathy took her Charlie’s Angels kick-arse pose seriously….

Charlie's Angels


Charlie's Angels

Can you tell we’re sisters?

We had a few last minute decisions to make…

Cathy Prastides

Let’s tie Dale to the soccer post

Nicola Milan

Nicola Milan


And found the perfect spot for Dale…

Nicola Milan


We shot this entire video on an iPad (yes… you heard right) and it was edited by yours truly. Special thanks to Lee for being my camera man and of course to Dale and Cathy for their acting brilliance.

No Room For Promises

The No Room For Promises crew: (left to right) Nicola Milan, Cathy Prastides, Dale Barnard, Lee Zehnder




Nicola xx


Strict Machine - Nicola Milan
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