Madame Adelia. Russian Botanist famous for growing carnivorous plants. Accompanied here by her cat Aldepheous.

Where wild things stalk and creatures haunt and tricks they like to play…
So close your eyes and do not talk or you shall be their prey.

Creating Album Artwork for Minky G

See how I created the album artwork for Minky G’s latest release ‘Little Dreams’. I’ll show you the idea process, illustration process and graphic design involved.

When I Fall In Love

Pretty acoustic cover of When I Fall In Love to brighten up your New Year.

As Summer Wanes…

A short, visual dark poem about feelings that creep up towards the end of summer. Awash with gothic undertones juxtaposed by white sandy beaches.

Where The Dark Things Dwell

I’ll show you places in your mind, you never thought you’d ever find… Enter into the depths of my latest poem ‘Where The Dark Things Dwell’.

Creating Lady Dracone

See behind the scenes into the creation of ‘Lady Dracone’ – drawn in charcoal, chalk and copic marker.

How to Reinvent Yourself for the New Year

Discover how to reinvent yourself for the New Year and start reaching your goals.

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