Creating Lady Dracone

See behind the scenes into the creation of ‘Lady Dracone’ – drawn in charcoal, chalk and copic marker.

Trolley Rage! Surviving The Peak Hour Food Shop

Sick of having to dodge crazed shoppers during the peak hour food shop? Well, you can now shop in peace! We have identified the worst of the worst; the very shoppers that make you cringe… in TROLLEY RAGE! Surviving the Peak Hour Food Shop.

Sphynx Hairless Cats: A Vampire’s Best Friend

Five reasons why hairless Sphynx cats are perfect companions for Vampires. Inspired by Kat Von D’s cats Poe, Piaf and Nietzsche.

How To Draw With Charcoal and Chalk

5 tips for drawing with charcoal and chalk so you can focus on the creativity, not the mess.


Madame Dragillion. Half dragon, half human.¬†Accompanied by flying fish dragon creatures….

Where wild things stalk and creatures haunt and tricks they like to play.
So close your eyes and do not talk or you shall be their prey.


Strict Machine - Nicola Milan
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