How to Style the Modern 70’s Inspired Print

Mar 19, 2017

And So They Threw Flowers Into The Wind…

Everything is recyclable and that includes fashion. Taking a page from the history books is my favourite kind of recycling and although (to me) designers in the 70’s created similarly to cubeism artists; showing a distaste for traditions and throwing caution into the wind with outlandish colour choices, I have to say the modern take on the 70’s print has me cooing like a lover of colour in a Ken Done store.

We’re seeing reds with blues, browns and burnt orange, olive green and mustard yellow. Delicious palates of bold mixed with subdues hues and in patterns that are far more pleasing to the eye… and I’m totally diggin’ it.

I picked up this little skirt from Monsoon and it’s super flattering (a little short for me, but who cares) and a soft and lovely material.

If you fancy adding a bit of the 70’s print to your wardrobe this season, here are a few ways to keep things looking, well, groovy baby….

1. Keep it simple

Mixing polkadots with stripes and geometrics may have been all the rage back in the day, but if you don’t want to look like a walking colouring-in-book, keep things simple.

Let the 70’s print be the feature and tone down the rest of the outfit with classic neutrals.

2. Add a feature accessory for balance

Busy bottoms (i.e skirts) need something to draw the eye back up to the top so use a detailed accessory like this Indian inspired necklace to balance out the look.[spacer height=”20px”]

3. Go bold or go home

These prints were meant to stand out so get something bold and enjoy the opportunity to experiment with colour. I’m loving the subdued olive green and burnt orange hues which would look fantastic against a white basic. Delish!

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