Here she is. In all her evil glory. Madam Marielle. Heralding from another era she enjoys moonlight walks along the beach, lead lined coffins and bitter blood martinis.

Madam Marielle

A close descendant of Dracula. Have a look at her lineage:


Seduced and Sired by Symeon. First blood-child of Dracon. Her special abilities include Chiroptera transformation and hypnosis.


Madam Marielle

Here she hangs out with a few of her favourite household items.


Bitter Blood Martini Recipe:


  • One teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  •  1/2 oz (1 part) Dry vermouth.
  • 3 oz (6 parts) Gin.
  • Four table spoons of freshly squeezed 25 year old male type A- blood.
  • One olive to garnish.


Warm the blood for 1 minute then pour the vermouth, gin and blood into mixing glass. Stir well. Strain into warmed martini cocktail glass. Squeeze lemon peel into the drink just before serving and garnish with olive.


Nicola Milan
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